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Dear bootcampers,
We have a Jupyter instance at - since today 05/12/2019 you were all invited to create an account (look for an email titled “Welcome to DigitYser”, click on the only link inside the email, that will open a page where you will create your user account password, once you see a page like this :

it means you are a registered user on all our platform.

Next you will click on or this icon in the dashboard : image and you will use your username & password you just created in the previous step to login inside the Jupyter environment.

If you have any problem, private message me on this forum or send an email to

Hello Bootcampers,

This is just a reminder post for everyone for getting started on Jupyter notebook. Please follow the instructions given by ricardo in the above post. And if you have any problems accessing it, please let us know.


Hi Varun,

Thanks for the reminder!

I missed that invite email among the many received at the start of the bootcamp, but I found it back.
Just out of curiosity: what are we supposed to do with Jupyter? I might have missed that point.

Hello Jean,
Thanks for asking that question, basically jupyter notebook is a place where you can run your python code line by line with the advantage of saving it for the later use. So simply saying currently you are filling the blanks on the data camp website to complete the exercise. With jupyter notebook you can make all these data camp exercises from scratch. Writing your own code, making modifications and building a full project and so on…
To see it in action you can watch any video on Quick start with Jupyter notebook or for that matter Jupyter Notebook has its own website called Let me know if you get any issues running it using the links provided.

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Hello Varun,

Crystal clear, thanks! I had no issue setting up Jupyter.
I believe notebooks will come in handy when working on an actual project…


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Kudos jean, Since you are all setup with Jupyter, and also talking about actual Projects, I would recommend to start sparing some time around for some well organized studies for which you can built your own notebook from scratch and compare the results, performance, techniques, methods etc. since they are written in different programming language like e.g. This one I found on google from Rutgers University is written in R You can find interesting studies like these and replicate them with your newly prepped python skills. Best of luck let me know if you start to work on some other study as well…

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