Request to look at my notebook

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if I could get some feedback on a notebook I made. I would like some feedback before putting it on Github. I can’t find the upload button on this forum either, so help with that would be nice too. :laughing:
Thank you all very much in advance,

Hi Steff,

The upload button is in the tool bar (up the edition box), more or less in the middle (an arrow going up).

Alternatively, you can use sharing services like Framadorp ( and put the sharing URL in your message.


Hi Steff,

I looked at the notebook you e-mailed me. The thinking process is logical and well-documented.

I’d just like to make one point. In this kind of analysis, it’s important to contextualize the data. Here, we only have the complaints received by the FDA. A weighting with the amount of files received by the FDA might be useful.

Let me explain: the food supplement industry seems to be a problem. But if they represent a significant portion of the files handled by the FDA, it is normal that they receive more complaints.

For the rest, it seems to me to be an excellent study.

Dear Sebastian,
Thank you for taking the time to look at my notebook. I think you raise an interesting point of finding a correct weighting to make the data more meaningful.
Thanks a lot for your feedback,


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