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I have a question. I have completed the 13 courses of the bootcamp and have a certificate for the track AI fundamentals. However, I still have 6 open assignments at the assignments section, that I can’t seem to access. What do we have to do with that?
Thanks a lot in advance,

Well! Congratulations to you Steff, you are the first one to complete the AI Fundamental track

Through my admin account, I can see your 6 assignments as “in progress” status, So I would suggest if you still don’t get the access to complete those assignments you can either visit Digityser so that we can look into this issue together or you can send a mail to DataCamp support for your issue along with some snapshots of the problem.
Also if you are quite comfortable with the first course then you can already start to work on some data sets from kaggle or other data competition websites and publish your notebooks on your git. We will publish its link on our forum for other bootcampers to also get involved in the project and publish there work. Choose however you want it to be. :clap::clap:


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Hi Steff,

The 6 more assignments are for the advanced track here:



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Thank you Varun and Sebastien,
Am I correct in understanding that they are not part of the bootcamp?
If this is the case, I would like your advice on how to proceed next. Which datasets should I practice on? What other skills would you recommend developing now? Examples would be working with git, linux, Jupyter notebooks, Big Data technologies,…
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Hi Steff, Congratulation!
The 2nd track is part of the bootcamp, they are a more advanced courses. It will be useful for you for the next part of the bootcamp (hands-on workshop). and if you still have time it could be interesting for you to have it. Btw the kaggle projects are also interesting exercises, plus you can work on it in groups (as @varun explained) .
So you can choose. My advice would be to work on some kaggles, and then to try to do the advanced track on Datacamp.

Thank you very much for your reply Adélaïde.
I’ll do as you suggest. :slight_smile: