The 2020 Data Science Bootcamp | DigitYser

The Data Science Bootcamp is articulated in 2 parts with the obligation to succeed in the first part to be enrolled in the second part.


On the agenda:

  • Python in depth
  • Machine learning
  • An introduction to Stats (if required)
  • The training format will be coached MOOCs (massive open online courses). This approach allows you to learn at your own pace with the help of a coach. You will need to pass a certification at the end of every MOOC to confirm the master key concepts.
  • Every week a dedicated coach will be available to support each MOOC. It is expected that you will only follow MOOC for the programming languages that you are not familiar with.

Our objective is to have you ready to tackle the most challenging data issues with different tools and techniques.


15 weeks of coached hands-on work on data4good projects, 30 days coaching.

On Monday and Friday, you are expected to attend classes at DigitYser.

  • You will be exposed to a new business case and tool set. The trainer will provide the source data, explain the business problem and present typical business questions that need to be resolved.
  • At the end of every topic you will be asked to present your methodology and conclusions. This approach ensures that all trainings are both business oriented and very hands-on.
  • On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

You will be invited to work at DigitYser so you can focus on a business case for your employer with the help and coaching from experienced data scientists.

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