Which jobs for which Data scientist?

in attachment is a good article for udacity about jobs in Data Science

This gives you a good overview of the “segmentation”. The current training is bringing you knowledge related to the Data Analyst and Data Engineer fields.

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Thanks for the article, Adélaïde! Quite helpful!

Anyone who has ever worked in a Data Science role (broadly speaking)… could you please share some of the tasks and activities in your daily routine? Would you classify this job as one of the mentioned categories? (Data analyst, data engineer, machine learning engineer…)

Or maybe if you know someone who works with Data Science and got to know a bit of her/his routine?

As you might have noticed, this naive and alienated guy here has very little idea of what happens in the data science labour market… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the share, Adélaïde!

Funny thing: today I stumbled upon the following cartoon

Hope this helps a bit to answer your question, Rodolpho! :wink:

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